This Woman Had A Contact Lens In Her Eye For Nearly 30 Years

This Woman Had A Contact Lens In Her Eye For Nearly 30 Years


Docs discovered the decades-old shock inside a cyst.

Posted on August 16, 2018, at 2:12 p.m. ET

A 42-year-old lady within the UK managed to go 28 years with a contact lodged in her eye with out even noticing, in line with a paper revealed within the journal BMJ Case Stories.

The girl had gone to her physician with swelling in her upper-left eyelid, in addition to delicate ptosis — which means her higher eyelid was drooping. The swelling had began as a pea-sized lump that grew bigger and painful to the touch.

As soon as the cyst was out, it ruptured and revealed a single, cracked contact lens.

The lens turned out to be a inflexible fuel permeable (RGP) lens. In contrast to the mushy contact lenses which can be principally in use today, RGP lenses are an older kind that was first used within the 1960s. They’re more durable than fashionable lenses, which suggests they are often uncomfortable at first. They’re additionally extra prone to unintentionally come out of the attention.

That’s how docs discovered the lens had been within the lady’s eye for 28 lengthy years. The final time the affected person had worn that kind of lens was when she was 14 years previous. That’s when she was hit within the eye with a badminton shuttlecock (also referred to as a birdie). Everybody had assumed the contact lens had merely fallen out, however they have been very improper.

“We are able to infer that the RGP lens migrated into the affected person’s left higher eyelid on the time of trauma and had been in situ for the final 28 years,” wrote Dr. Sirjhun Patel, of the division of ophthalmology on the College of Dundee in Dundee, UK, and colleagues.

The paper’s authors nonetheless do not know why her eye started to swell when it did, but when it hadn’t, that lens might have by no means been discovered.

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